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Steel industry

Metalloinvest is a leading global merchant HBI producer and supplier, and one of the leading producers of iron ore and pellets. Metalloinvest's products are in demand worldwide for the production of high quality steel with a low content of harmful impurities.

Metalloinvest's iron ore products (iron ore concentrate and blast furnace pellets) are supplied to steel enterprises to make high quality steel and produce cast iron and pig iron.

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    Hot briquetted iron (HBI)

    with a high iron content and low content of sulphur, phosphorus and silica, is an irreplaceable raw material for the production of high-quality steel used to make critical parts in different areas of machine-building industry;

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    with a high content of iron and high basicity, in combination with high cold and hot strength enable maximum technical and economic efficiency in blast-furnace smelting: increased blast furnace production capacity, decreased coke consumption and increased blast furnace workover interval;

Metalloinvest is a participant in the World Steel Associate Climate Action programme



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