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Iron ore products

Iron ore raw materials are used in sinter and blast furnace operations and for DRI processes.
for proven iron ore reserves globally
for production of iron ore pellets globally
for production of merchant iron ore globally

Iron ore raw materials are the main marketable product in steel production. The main consumer of commercial iron ore raw materials is ferrous metallurgy. The iron ore deposits developed by Lebedinsky and Mikhailovsky GOKs are part of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly, one of the world’s largest iron ore basins, consisting mainly of magnetite ore. Metalloinvest’s primary iron ore marketable products are: iron ore concentrate, fluxed and non-fluxed iron ore pellets, blast furnace and sintering iron ore. The core markets for Metalloinvest’s iron ore raw materials are the domestic market of Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, China, Japan and South Korea.